Back Burner = Procrastination

When was the last time you turned to the things you put on the back burner? Well, it's about time to get those ( to do's) out in front. For the past few weeks I've been getting some important things back into the works of daily moving forward.

How about some earlier methods that you've out grown/used? Maybe using them again with the new knowledge you have obtained will change the out come. Rereading some of the books that got put on the shelf is a great place to start.

Research methods that have become old or just forgotten. Bring some of them back to the front and see what you come with. I have recently gone back to some basic sites that I have stored useful information on and reread the news feeds. Found out how I have lacked and improved.

Focus back on a very narrow road of organized effort so, so much of that useless information just seems to clutter time, energy, and effort. Maybe you want to check how your positive energy is in your home, office, or self (spiritual).

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