Scents from nature, where do they take you

Scents are a welcome in any home as well as stimulation to an ordinary day. Walking through gardens with the smells of flowers is always so enjoyable. Going to festivals and entering some shops with potpourri is top notes experience. Finding new ways to make tokens of application for loved ones. Well here's another great topic from Twittermoms and SeventhGeneration to share with you some great facts.

Scents and where they take me;
Fresh Citrus & Ginger takes me back to a clean I just love. I enjoy a top note and these two common scents put together take me back to the kitchen with loads of fresh fruits and spices. Cooking has been a passion of mine to learn each culture to enjoy some of their fine foods. Perfume is also something that triggers great memories sometimes its of a person. Another scent will remind me of a place like the beach. Here's a link for some great perfume on a forum to inspire, share or just talk.
Lavender Floral & Mint back some years I use to plan for a huge field of lavender just rows and rows of this wonderful smelling plant. Back by my garden I would have mint growing and use this spice for my Mexican dishes as taco’s were always so, good.
Lemongrass & Clementine Zest is a wonderful spice used in dishes also but, somewhat hard to find. So, I try to keep some on hand because it adds a unique taste. Clementine’s my mother would buy for holiday baskets and the smell was always a welcome guest with all the pines.
Free & Clear I have always enjoyed original scents I'm one who buys the first product. I used for years Tide, Downy, Clorox, and Bounce because it is a clean like no other. I enjoy scents but I also enjoy time to just enjoy the air and the simplicity it brings with it. It is a quiet time for me of waiting for God while I study his word with my bible and meditate.
Lets Talk Period
90% post-consumer content recycled

I've been a Tide user for my whole life, my mom used it and now I use it but, after finding out more about bio-based products I'm changing not only for my family but to help save the environment.

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