Delegation of Authority

While reading this week I found a topic I feel should be elaborated on. Decision making skills and how do we guide leaders, or for that much mentor good leaders? So I decided to do some research on the topic.
1. Work to each person's strengths.
2. Avoid bad relationship assignments
3. Make sure the person you are tapping on the shoulder can handle their new assignments.
4. Avoid favoritism or singling out individuals
5. Delegate with care.

Differences between Authority and Responsibility
Authority Responsibility
a. It is the legal right of a person or a superior to command his subordinates.
b.It is the obligation of subordinate to perform the work assigned to him.
a. Authority is attached to the position of a superior in concern.
b. Responsibility arises out of superior-subordinate relationship in which subordinate agrees to carry out duty given to him.
a. Authority can be delegated by a superior to a subordinate
b. Responsibility cannot be shifted and is absolute
a. It flows from top to bottom.
b. It flows from bottom to top.

Why delegate authority?

It is impossible for a manager in a huge company to deal with everything. So, if you delegate authority, you break your work into several peaces hire people and let them manage instead of you. You are still responsible for your work but let others somehow help you. For example, you are a top manager and are responsible for several departments (marketing, R&D, HR, etc) you hire Marketing manager for example and you delegate authority.

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