Do you have the Type A Personality?

While filling out a profile like so, many sites require of us to do. I decided to ask some close friends; how would you describe me? like what type of person
smart, funny???? and what did you notice about me when you meet me? One told me that I was a Type A and intelligent. OK, I googled it and saw many errors in my life such as; impatient, workaholics, and Social Isolation.

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Here's what it said about me;
You have many of the characteristics of a Type A Personality. Type A Personality is characterized by two main factors, Achievement Striving and Impatience-Irritability. Type A persons tend to measure their success in terms of how many or how much of everything they acquire. They are generally dissatisfied with the world, including themselves. They are quite rigid in thought and conduct and tend to distrust others. In addition, they experience difficulty expressing their emotions, are generally very critical of themselves and others, and are of increased vulnerability to the physical and emotional effects of stress. Persons displaying Type A behaviors do not know how and when to relax. They feel impatient with the pace of most events. They strive to do too much at once and others often get tense and feel threatened in their presence.

In short Type A has; Competitiveness and Strong Achievement-Orientation

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