How To Boost Brain Power

As we age there are several things that are needed for boosting our brains. For some researches believe that our brains will shrink as we grow older. From my research this is caused by dehydration. While I was reading my morning papers-31 Ways to Get Smarter The best brain boosters for the new year. I found this to be a great little topic and a chance to share tips for boosting brain power at any age.

Drink Alkaline Ionizing Water only has five or six molecules, so it’s easily absorbed and hydrated the body immediately. The more hydrated you are, the healthier the skin and body is. Change Your Water Change Your Life
Take naps (power nap) proper rest is necessary for the body to function at full capacity. Getting 8 hours rest a night or a few naps during the day will make a great difference in your brains boosting power.
Healthy Diet Eating nuts and seeds are essential for vitamins that our brains need. Almonds and sunflower seeds as a snack (see recipes). Kale and Spinach is high in vitamin D. Also, Fish has the omega fatty acid like mackerel and Salmon.
Exercise regularly getting oxygenated blood flow to the brain keeps the brain healthy. Going out for a 15 min walk or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. I would try taking a ballroom dance class or aerobics exercise.
Quality Conversations pleasant, short ten minute conversation is so much better than a competitive conversation.

Need more tips here's 50 ways to boost your brain power

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