Christmas Vacation & Kids

Christmas vacation is here or quickly approaching and the kids are tired of school work. Well for that matter getting up and running to school 5 days a week. So, while in mind of getting some much needed rest and fun. I want to share with you some tips that I use.

This years school schedule is letting kids go a week before Christmas. OK, so were going to visit as many of our family and friends before the big day. Then we can just loaf around for a few. Taking a few days to go out and just get them out of their routine. Bring sleds, extra mittens, and whatever else that might get wet.

Set up a couple of days where kids can just go out and play. Taking mine out to a park with a big hill should do the trick. Bring hot coco, cookies, and blankets for the ride home. This day will be closer to the 24th so, they go to bed at a reasonable hour.

On the road make sure to sing a few songs together it's actually fun. Even for the scrooge in the family to get into the spirit. Bring in some music everyone will enjoy for longer trips; Something special for each one in the truck makes it nice.

Taking a day to make cookies, I'm not one who likes to bake for the whole month. One day is all I'm going to spend on making cookies granted it will be morning till evening cooking but, it will be done. This year I'll go to a friends house to make cookies with the girls. Kids will play outside in the snow and have a wonderful time just being kids.

This will be a much needed day for me just talking with other girls. About what ever happens to be the subject. I found this on a blog and thought it might be fun so, here it is.....

If your interested in sharing your blog or you don't have one no big deal. If you want to join us in listing your favorites link up so we can easily find your list!

What are some of your tips for Christmas vacation. I would like to know and share these with others is what makes blogging worth while. I would really enjoy them.

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