Spring Cleaning Checklist

Have you started your spring cleaning? Gosh yea, I've helped out a friend wash her walls, clear clutter, and sweep. Then went to another friends and helped her go threw a closet and some boxes. And another friends to clean up clutter, boxes and pool table off. I've been slowly cleaning my house of clutter and throwing stuff out, cloths, toys, junk. Here's the topper I cleaned our back yard for when the ice was gone it will be pretty. First nice day, I'm letting the animals off chains and reading with them all day. Maybe I'll get a bag of grapes to feed them.

Your spring cleaning may never become effortless, but you can make the project more manageable -- and even enjoyable. This printable checklist offers an overview of everything you need to know -- including information on cleansers, stain removal, fabric care, and storage -- to zip through the process and arrive at a happy end.

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I love having my home smell like the outdoors this way the experience walking into my home is like non other. I tried to replicate the experience that I enjoyed walking into a herbalist home where she sold many different items. Now that twittermoms and Mrsmeyers have joined together to help others in on having a cleaner, greener home. I can share with you some of the things I've been using in my home.

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