Art of Command

Two things are most important in becoming a great leader; one is character the second is integrity. Why do most of our leaders fail to obtain these? While many believe that loyalty is based on ... the most fundamental is that one is honest at all times.

Making decisions is also being a good decision maker, this is better than no decision at all. If you don't make any decision it's like a person who will not share their wisdom with others. The type of person whom just stays quiet all the time. What a waste even a bad decision is a decision and everyone can gain from either gaining from the decsion or simply gaining not to do things in that manner.

I have found myself in a position of wanting to be a better person at giving commands and what it takes to become a person of such.

here's my list thus far;

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Good Leaders are Present and Approachable
Good managers know that in order to keep a strong dialogue happening with team members they need to be around and remain approachable. A leader that encourages honesty from staff ensures that they don't surprise them with overdue problems. An open door policy or at least regularly scheduled meetings with staff are critical elements of strong leadership techniques.

Good Leaders are Strong During Tough Times
When the going gets tough, good managers demonstrate strong leadership skills. Strong managers are supportive and fair when change happens; for example, during periods of downturn or crisis. Good leaders advocate for the needs of the team. Good leaders are assertive with difficult people including team members who are not pulling their weight.

Good Leaders Listen to Their Team
Good leaders ask their team members for ideas and feedback and act on the suggestions. Strong managers can disagree with team players and peers and are able to listen to and accept disagreement from others (including subordinates) by respecting different points of view.

Good Leaders Believe in Their Team
Good supervising managers delegate to staff based on knowledge of team member strengths. They aren’t threatened by team members that are stronger than them on certain aspects. Micro managers they are not; good managers know how to delegate without strings attached, share the power and empower staff to make decisions.

Good supervising managers understand that they have to be more than just experts in technical skills and be experts in managing people. Strong leaders are part visionary, performance manager, role model, parent, rock, counselor and cheerleader.

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My suggested reading is 19 Stars by Edgar F. Puryear Jr.

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