Getting Through the Dark Days of Winter

Gloomy Days Do Not Equal Gloomy Thoughts. Finding your self in a sad state of mind change your thoughts to change your gloomy feelings. Thinking your days will not get better until spring will only hinder the chances for happiness.

Don’t Wish It Away - just wishing that the sun would come out and then you would feel better is just impractical. Use this time to make a better you get some reading done. Find your self a better person when spring hits.

Learn From Your Moods - if your feeling blue then your body is telling you something and you need to pay attention. Give in to your needs its a warning light that is going off. Read about a famous author, someone who has a love for learning and that passion gets them through those difficult days with the willingness for survival.

Be Active - with winter days finding more activities to do outside is great. Go sled riding and take that walk outside it's beautiful. Shovel the side walk or join indoor exercise classes like yoga. Exercising at home is also good for you, this way you will carry less weight around and feel better when spring hits.

Be Careful What You Eat! While in the winter we tend to eat more. Your cloths tend to get tighter and feelings of over weight bring on depression. Stresses are also an issue with less to do, watch what you put into your diet.

Be Careful What You Drink! Watch what you drink such as alcohol tends to be an uplift or a sensation of numb. Watch our for bidge drinking this really increase the depression that its hiding. So, have an occasional drink.

Seek Support! Spending more time with friends is a good way to keeping the blues away. Conversations do wonders while keeping our minds busy with friends. Cozy warmth of friendships can keep your emotions up.

Seek the Light! Many people suffer from lack of sunlight during the darker days of winter. Take time to go out on sunny days and enjoy the sunlight. Providing your body with the vitamin D from the natural light. Just bundle up and keep warm while you enjoy the light.

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