Sharing ten helpful tips for a cleaner, greener home

I love having my home smell like the outdoors this way the experience walking into my home is like non other. I tried to replicate the experience that I enjoyed walking into a herbalist home where she sold many different items. Now that twittermoms and Mrsmeyers have joined together to help others in on having a cleaner, greener home. I can share with you some of the things I've been using in my home.

Here's my list of cleaner, greener home tips:

1. Oils-
For replacing a dull shine on your furniture, try using some of your favorite essential oils and make sure their pure. Such as peppermint in your living room for a pleasant scent.
2. Disinfectant –
For replacing the chemical smell with a pleasing smell of lemon, grapefruit, cinnamon, or rosemary. Most disinfectants have violable organic compounds (VOC) found in disinfectants.
3. Woods –
Use wood that is sustainably harvested wood by the Harvest Stewardship Council or old barn flooring. Composite wood products, prolonged and chronic to VOCs can lead to cancer, liver and/or kidney damage, and central nervous system. Short term exposure can bring on dizziness, vomiting, breathing problems and irritations of mucus membranes in eyes, mouth, and nose.
4. Paints –
When buying paints buy low – zero VOC water based paints there comparable in price as well as durability. Clean with a mild cleaner and a scent that is comparable to the rooms atmosphere. Eg. Office chose rosemary, basil for concentration.
5. Carpets –
If you prefer carpeting choose natural fibers. Carpets are usually treated with soil resistance, fire proofing and moth treatments. These are toxins while adhesives are also toxic.
6. Dusting-
Using an ostrich feathers to pick up the dust. Learn to sweep this duster correctly as to not push the dust in the air. Dust carries toxins and we just don’t need to breath them in. Just knock the dust off on your shoe and then vacuum as normal.
7. Vacuums –
Finding a vacuums that uses water to filter with is a good choice. Most newer ones use the HEPA filter system that is also a very good. Usually choosing a upright is not the best choice as these don’t not clean under beds and dressers. Try choosing one that you can pull behind or use an smaller vac for these jobs.
8. Air fresher’s –
For replacing a bad smell with a good one, try simmering a pot of your favorite herbs and seasonings such as cinnamon sticks with cloves. Or, for a sweet smell, stick with the all natural oils and use an oil burner. Vanilla or lavender oils are fantastically soothing fragrances for you and your pet, and lemon or orange oils can help perk your home up.

9. Rule #1
If its not dirty don’t clean it. Why use more cleaning products to clean something if it’s not needing it. The end result is more build up and less time doing the things you would rather be doing.
10. Alkaline water -
Alkaline water used with cleaning has an attraction rate much stronger. Dirt is loosened and easily taken away from surfaces. I love the idea that it takes less than 1/3 of the normal amount of cleaning product to get better results. I have cleaned things that I have failed for many years with just this water. Imagine what you could clean.

I have really taken some time to learn some new and interesting things about cleaning I hope that you'll have a cleaner safer home. While spending more time doing the things you love most. Thanks for reading.

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