Little builder...future planing

Building is a great past time when developing coordination skills and 3D pictures from images. Kite flying at the beach is every kids flair for fun. Flying model air planes and rockets also has it's place in growth of exploration of science.

While attending the Coshoten air show 9/18/10 my son found the thrill of air planes and watching the stunts were amazing. Jets were just so, fast he got upset that he had difficult time photographing a great shot for his portfolio. He' kept at it and finally got his shot.

While sitting inside the cockpit a pilot explained how things work. The smile on my sons face told me all. We meet a pilot of a A-10 West from the air-force and asked what can we do to prepair for flight school.

Here's what we found out;

1. get good grades in school.
2. join in activities such as boy scouts of America
3. sports is a great program
4. AFJROTC starts off as early as 9th grade
5. learn how to serve God

I did hear of a program for as young as 6th grade but, as of yet to find it.
Here's the links
3. Join sports at school or local YMCA
Fourth Brigade JROTC-
5. look up local Church's and get involved

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