Sharing 10 ways of making your favorite foods healthier

Enjoying the foods I per pair for my family has always been a passion. With twittermoms and Weight Watchers® Smart Ones® I can share some my tips with you. Benefiting most from our daily choices and not saying "Supper size it" at the counter.

Here's my tips so, they won't go to your hips:

1. Natural foods –
While process food saves time (seemingly) they don’t give you family the nutrition that they need for emotional balance and energy. Fresh fruit and veggies in their natural state offer the vitamins and minerals our bodies need. Go grass feed animals too this ensures that the animals are getting the nutrients they need and so will you.
2. Wash foods –
With today’s mass market on produce there’s presides in the natural foods and our bodies don’t need the extra chemicals. Using an alkaline ionizing water system takes out the unwanted chemicals while soaking them in water for 20 minutes. The taste is pure, fresh and natural your body will thank you.

3. Nutritionist –
Make sure your on stepping up on the new fade food diets asks someone who has a PHD on nutrient. They have studied this subject and are looking for the best way to help your body stay fit. Fad diets are quick fixes and do more harm than good in the end.
4. Recipe books –
Look over what’s in the recipe to find foods that will benefit your families needs most. Try Brain foods for kids, the truth about the six pack abs, pregnancy miracle and juicing and detoxification. These all have great recipes and I use them very often.
5. Learn how to read the label of foods –
Take a class on how to read the labels of foods and find out what you’re really eating. These classes are offered at your local hospital and usually run for a period of six weeks or so. You’ll meet others and have a support team in your corner.
6. Water –
Drink lots of water did you know that our bodies are made up of a (70%) of water. Most times when we are hungry (think we’re) our bodies are crying out for more water. The body looses two and one half to three liters of water daily. Our bodies don’t tell us that there thirsty it’s mostly a sign of hunger. So, next time your hungry get a glass of water instead.
I drink alkaline water:
Super Hydrating
Ph Fortified
7. Cleanse –
Wastes that remains in the body eventually turns into acid and starts attacking our organs. That’s when diseases like diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure, acid reflux, gout, uric acid and heartburn start. Buy a colon cleanse every six months to keep the body clean. I like Blessed Herbs they have the best I‘ve seen on the market.

8. Reduce Stress –
Stress brings on toxins in our body which brings disease. Find a good exercise that will reduce stress to remove these toxins. Walk in the rain, good game of Frisbee or word search is just the fix. Go for a bike ride, walk though the park and take in some relaxation. Our children experience stress as well so, when this happens let them play an easy to win game to relieve this. Winning always makes us feel better.
9. Check ups –
Regular check ups helps to maintain an awareness of our physical health. Finding things out in the early stages gives us that much more of a chance in fighting back. So, talk to your doctor and keep them informed of your activities. As you might need to ask your physician to participate in some diet changes or exercise. So, ask your doctor first.
10. Maintence –
Get a planner and plan out our goals short term and long term, make these feasible too. A goal to high may bring defeat. Get a buddy to do some extra work outs at best you’ll have some great conversations. This way if you’re missing someone will notice. Bring new ideas to changes or add to your daily maintence so, things don’t get dull.

In conclusion love the body your in, love your age, we all have something to offer in this world so give what you can. And be glad of that there’s nobody just like you.

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