Do you love daily deal sites?

I love to see all of the wonderful Daily Deal Sites popping up! Daily deal sites send out a new deal email each day with a deal that lasts 24 hours. These deals
save you 50%-90% on anything and everything from carpet cleaning to the
GAP to massage. Here is a list of the top 10 that I have found:

1. Groupon
2. WeeklyPlus
3. Social Living
4. Mamapedia *
5. Yolo Deals -Please mention referral code: 9596829
6. Daily
Deals for Denver Moms
7. Plum District
8. KGB Deals
9. Zulily
10. Redeemio**

*"5% of your purchase will be donated to the school or preschool of
your choice through the Mamapedia Savings for Schoolssm
Program. Simply search for and enter your school's unique referral
code at the bottom of the purchase page. This is a great way to raise
money for your school, while getting a Sweet Deal on something in
your city at the same time. But the deal has to tip. To raise the
most money for your school, be sure to share the Sweet Deal with
friends, family, and above all - other parents at your school!"

**Coming to Denver soon but available in many cities already. After
signing up, Denver residents will get an email asking for ideas on what
businesses Reedemio should feature. If they take your idea or don't
have it on the list they will give you that deal for FREE when they land
it. Super easy entry and kind of a fun idea if you ask me.

I would love for you to comment with other daily deal sites that you use!
This is a great collection of sites to use from - Sybil Hall I just love redeemable.

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