National School Success Month

Celebrate by brushing up for;
National School Success Month-Effective Study skills are about more than understanding.

Effective study skills must be practiced in order for you to improve. It is not enough to simply "think about" studying; you have to actually do it, and in the process use information from what you do to get better. This is the central idea of this page. All that follows depends on this single concept. There is a saying that goes like this: "Practice doesn't make perfect; perfect practice makes perfect." If you want to be an achiever, take this saying to heart. For more tips click hereLast year I was asked to seek a doctor for my son to aid him in school studies. My response was "do you teach the children how to study" I will not put my son on prescription drugs so, I started my research and found books to enlighten me in changing some things around home. Such as spending one on one time with him more so, he gains the valuable time on focus. With criteria higher that a few decades ago kids need to solve problems correctly eg- stress, denial etc...Another, was to incorporate alkaline water into his diet to aid with memory and concentration. As a parent I feel that it my job to find the answers or the root of the problem. That's guidance.

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