Where to Meet Your Furture Boyfriend

How many times have you tried to come up with new places to meet a guy. Many places such as: grocery store, bar, weddings and the such have been seriously lacking. Some of the more popular sites for match making are just about as lame. Here's some GPS-suggestions that will direct you straight for a eligible cutie.

Volunteer with an animal rescue organization, and sign up to work one of the tables.

Craft beer are getting really popular, which means tons of local breweries have been popping up. Go for a tour-most are free, and the majority of visitors are men.

Stop by the iPad displays in the Apple store; guys love playing with them.

Groupon is an awesome way to find bargain...and men. Here's how; The site sends people different deals based on their profiles. So if you create a Groupon account for a 28-year-old male, you'll get daily e-mails with the lowdown on all the fun, cheap and (most important) guy-friendly events happening in your area.

Lots of new books have been coming out lately by off beat celebs with sult(and mostly male) following, like Living Loaded, by Playboy columnist Dan Dunn, Check the events calendars of nearyby book stores to find out when a signing for one of these is happening and go. HINT; Wait for a cute guy to pick a seat then sit next to him.

Online dating sites based on a silly shared interests such as;, which looks at your favorite reads, and, which gives you your Salad Soul Mates based on you go-to-toppings. Since they don't take dating as seriously as the big matchmaking Web-sites do, your likely to meet someone more laid back and has a sense of humor.

Work out at the gym ask your trainers if there's an eligible guy she could introduce you too.

Go to a coffee tasting. They've been big lately and the guys who attend them are pretty often chill. (read; totally approachable).

Men with fun date ideas do exist, and is the fastest way to find them. Instead of posting a profile, users explain their ideal date. (e.g., "how about we take a sushi-making class together?" or "How about we kick ass at trivia night?") When you see a date idea you like just message the guy and make it happen.

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