Computer Maintence Time - Spring & Fall Cleaning

Staying up to date with the latest computer tools for cleaning can be trying and sometimes expensive. Like you I feel that I've bought the best for my computer and then to talk with others find out different, or still more information. The best way I've found in getting the rest of the story is to talk to someone who really knows and fixes computers, tablets, and phones that's up to government standards.

Let me share with you what I learned; is free and does a great job in cleaning your computer. It's quarantined infectious threats to my computer, cleaned it, and now it's now faster. It found 22 threats I'm impressed..see what it can do for yours. has a three year purchase period but is very inexpensive in addition to that it also takes up very little space. And that's a huge plus in my book. It's is also very fast running at cleaning your system it's the fastest I've seen. Try it you'll be amazed. is a site for all your malware, virus ware shopping needs. I wasn't impressed with this. by kaspersky is another top of my list for getting and removing codes off my computer that would be threatening. This removes all the entries and goes to such paths deep inside while it removes, it also takes and makes codes all zero's and then goes back and changes them to all one's and still goes back once more and makes them all zero's again. has a free tool as well as a few others to purchase. This is a another great tool that I was told about that does a super job in keeping your computer, tablet and phone clean.

NOTE: make sure you don't over protect your computer you could do more damage than good. One for every kind of threats and then alternate once in a while just to make extra sure your computer is running at it's best.

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