Magic Key

A man who worked his way up the corporate ladder had kept earning his way.  He used his time wisely, kept on schedual, and was always ready for more.  He was not a slacker at all, as he grew older he thought why don't I just relax.  I have had this job for such a time that I am as good as I am going to get.  So, he relaxed and became unorganized.  Orders were not filled and soon after a time someone made sure that the boss was informed of his missed order.  It was time for a meeting and he became nervous. He realized someone had their eye on his job.  He decided to take a vacation and to recap the events of his work nature.  The decision he came to was simple, he realized that he had let go his concentration.

Upon his return he decided that he would follow a daily schedule.  The morning he would take the inventory, then make the calls to fill new orders, just before closing of the day he would clean off his desk.  He would follow this schedule everyday until it became habit.  He had concentration of his task and that was his Magic Key.
Keep in sight of that schedule, push though the tough days until that schedule becomes habit.  Concentrate on a task until complete. 

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