10 tips for stylish layering techniques for all occasions

I live in Ohio and the weather here is warm one minute and then the next it could be 90 + or snowing so, I have learned that layering to keep warm or cool for all changes. I also want to share with you some of my inexpensive tips here on keeping in style. While not being quite sure what the day will turn out to be and not to sure of what your going to do being prepared for anything and everything with style.

1. Turtle neck body suit is not too bulky but great for added warmth this is usually a good first layer. I like the bodysuit for the reason that it stays in place while involved in all activates. Plus it is easy to change the entire look with one or two added articles.
2. Cotton is a great absorbent for when we might be out skiing or sled riding. Long underwear comes in all kinds of cute prints or plain colors. Adding this gives my look some texture as well as being able to take it off.
3. Wool is the best at keeping a body warm with this high price of this I buy some new and look for slightly used articles at goodwill. This can be worn alone outside with a scarf or under a jacket.
4. Scarfs add a look and feel that is just a lot of fun for a girl. Tie them, wrap them or just let them hang over your shoulders for an elegant look in the evening. I have a dozen of these in prints, plain and textures.

5. Basic color such as black will go along way such a pair of slacks. This can go for meeting, lunch, dinner or with friends. I like black because it goes with everything and I can dress it up or down.
6. White T-shirt or a white blouse and I’m ready to go. This goes to work, lunch or a meeting. Dress it up or down with a scarf or a simple long necklace.
7. Jacket choosing a good quality jacket is very important. This can really make or break your outfit. While choosing a jacket go for something that will be versatile or fits your agenda. Remember simplistically is very tasteful.
8. Accessories is a great part of your wardrobe this is one part you want to make personable and unique. Finding things at yard sales, crafts stores and even your kid’s craft items are great. Make sure they fit the occasion or can do it all.
9. While going out I sometimes bring a spare pair of shoes. If I’m going hiking, horseback riding I’ll have boots on. The other pair of shoes is for if there is another destination. I’ll be comfortable, confident and that I’m prepared for anything.
10. Mixing and matching I put all my want items on the bed and try to make 10 out fits with four items of cloths. It’s all done with layering its fun and challenging. Finding that you might have more looks that what you thought in your closet is great bag for you buck.

Have fun look great and celebrate your femininity. We all want to look our best and be our best and dressing in layers really gives us an opportunity to do this frugally. Try trading some clothes with a friend and go from there. I know I have traded with my sister, brother, and mother and grandmother. Some of those out dated items are still very fashionable you just have to be daring and creative to pull it off.

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