10 tips for weaving the hottest runway trends

With the trends of cloths always on an ever changing pace I like to stay fresh and unto date with my looks. So with Twittermoms and Kenmore Elite blogging contest I have a chance to share with you 10 tips for weaving the hottest runway trends into your day-to-day looks.

1. Rule – Simple & unobtrusive as to seem unimportant. Simplicity of line, relived from plainness by richness of fabric and elegance of detail. Is my golden rule.
2. Poise and demur is a quality that many put into play. We make our sleeves as significant as we want. Our cloths are just that an expression of our moods, opinions, and daily lives through cloths.
3. Catalogs are a necessity to keeping up on new trends. With the Internet there’s just about everything from accessories, new designers, and great looks for the season. Get your dose of inspiration of creative and darning looks to pull off this season.
4. YouTube has great resources of how to’s for learning how to tie scarf’s to making a great jacket into a vest. Ripping some of the sleeves off and adding some long necklaces will not only change the look but, add comfort.
5. Shopping take in mind what you have at home and put together outfits before purchasing. I usually stack up a pile of wants’, likes, and great deals. I pick though them and then take the must have’s to the check out.
6. Wearing some cloths are just not comfortable but, look great on the hanger. Figure where it’s not fitting right and decide if you can alter it to fit more comfortably. If not, does it make as a great gift for someone else?
7. Sales many sales go on all year around you just have to have be at the right place at the right time. 80% off items is a great deal and usually are at the end of a season. Exclusive stores many times there will be no signs on items because their higher clientele stores. Ask sales representative you might be eligible for a credit card which would take off from sales price.
8. Washing instruction read the label many items will have washing instructions. Dry clean only…well with new washers and dryers many Kenmore’s machines have a cycle just for your dry cleaning articles. Otherwise wash and wear is easy to clean and ready to wear.

9. Accessories are the add touch to your trendy look. A change in this being shoes, necklace or handbag will greatly change the look of an outfit. Celebrate your felinity.
10. Old vs. New many times I can mix some old items of clothing with some new. Adding a new jacket updates my 50 yr old jeans. Bring in a new shoes and purse with great grandma’s old Coco Chanel dress and I’m ready for my 10 year school reunion.

I love keeping trendy with my hottest tips from Elle or Vogue. I use these ideas to create day to day looks for my life. Keeping a fresh new look with out breaking my budget helps me feel good. Goodwill, garages sales, and trading cloths will keep you creating fun, great looks that just make them call you a diva.

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