10 Holiday Survival Tips

The season is changing and we have had our first snow of the season. Waiting for Santa and his helpers we’ve decided to simplify our holiday traditions. With twittermoms and Tiny Prints I’ll share my tips for surving this holiday season.

1. Gathering your list of people who sent cards to you last year and using a great system by Tiny Prints christmas cards share a photo with family, friends and others. If there are many photo’s you would like to share then choose their web site.

2. Buy gifts in bulk is one way of getting a little something for that unexpected gift that may be presented to you. It’s always nice to have a back up plan just in case. These gifts never go to waste.
3. If traveling make sure you send the gift to the nearest store for pick up. Then there’s less packing and carrying on board with you. This is great for all those gifts that would be to costly to send UPS or mail.
4. For someone who has everything instead of sending the gift cards go spend some time with them. This will give you time out enjoying yourself as well as providing some memorable time with someone.
5. Having a cookie day party is one of the best ways to enjoy time with friends and make an array of cookies. Have everyone bring ingredients and hostess for the day will have the least to give as the electric bill will be their contribution.
6. Need help keeping the kids busy? This will be my first year at this but, my hopes are high. Having scavenger hunts throughout the month. Some activities such as reading, singing, making gifts, building snowmen. A prize for each day will help build the anticipation for the big day.
7. Trying new ideas from last year making each year count by doing something a little different. Changes happen with us and our family so making everyone’s needs get accommodated might be challenging but, oh so worth it when you find plans that everyone’s looking forward too.
8. Use your to-do-list on your phone it’s a time saver and maybe a life saver. Sometimes with all the hustle and bustle we either loss track of time & / or things that need to get done. Relax there’s time still, and pace your self so you can breath.
9. Make sure there’s time for YOU so you’re up to par then anything you do is going to be. Most of us do things to perfection so, take time to give your self some of that energy and effort too. Spend the day at the salon or make a sign that says spa day hang it on the door of the bathroom.
10. Take time to enjoy all the little things, the smell of fresh cookies, the look on someone’s face, and some old stories from past years. You’ll never past this way again.

I love this time of season maybe because I’m a snow baby. To keep the holidays going even with tighter finances I keep the holiday sprit going through decorating and spending time with loved ones doing what makes us happy. This year I’m adding volunteering as an Elf with my son for a reward he’ll learn what it is for making others happy. And isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

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