Homeowners Who Just Leave the Home Vacant

Bail Out is what I want. Facing foreclosure sure a bail out is what most hope for. Homeowners who just leave the home and hope someone else will take care of the headache is just as bad as an EOC. People leaving their homes and just getting on with life has been the choice of many making their life easier while the job market is well (it's been better) in a depression.

While many home owners are attempting to leaving their home and / or going bankrupt on the short term plan this is a quick fix and a long term problem. In a consumer frame of mind we live in a here and now where, many live like - we want it we want it now and super size it. Sounds childish but, its true for almost all areas of our life.

While companies and investors market too many homeowners in pre-foreclosure there's a hug hand full of letters that come back with a Vacant stamped on them. Denial is a problem and just quitting is a great way to solve an addiction but, not suggested for your financial situation.

Did you know that denial is the number one reason many citizens are diagnosis with some type of mental problem? Sure if you solve your problem the wrong way is it going to bite you in the ass sooner or later. There is a way to solve problems go read a book or call someone; do your due diligence. Divorce, death, illness, loss of job.

Options are accessible and many times free so, why not take advantage of the opportunity. Making a plan and sticking to it but, make a plan that is obtainable. Take a good look at your self first are you disciplined and frugal. Hopefully you're not one who is EOC (economic outpatient care) that's money from their parents in the form of trusts, gifts, etc...

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