Five Fun Family Vacation Activities Your Kids Will Love

I love family vacations but we don't get enough until now! We are heading out to hopefully North Carolina soon and we cannot wait. When TwitterMoms challenged us mommy bloggers to write about five fun family vacation activities your kids will love, I wanted to be a part of it and you can to by clicking here to join in.

1. As you already know we're planning to travel to North Carolina to the beach. I've already started saving money and checking on local actives in the area such as Fair's, circus and bands to see while staying there. Also, we'll travel to see some of Britain’s largest colony in the New World fought off shores by Charlotta. Teaching my family more of how our great country came to be. When traveling check out twittermoms travel site for tips.

2. Camping is a cheap and laid back way of getting away from home and the rush, rush of things. We usually find new camp sites to go to in advance and check with the local chamber of commerce to find out other actives going on in the area. Other wise; we go horse back riding, boating, fishing, swimming, play tennis, golfing, picnicking.

3. Day trips are a nice short vacation we try to experience things from a visitors perspective and go to the major sites of our area such as; History there's many land marks and people who were famous in our local area, Monuments that were built in the honor of our WWII soldiers, Our canal system and learn how produce was delivered to the north. These are affordable and yet educational. Find out more at a local chamber office or travel agency. If traveling abroad, map out your vacation and price check with businesses. Every moment counts but, don't forget to relax and enjoy.

4. Museums are great for rain days and we have many to choose from there are three major cities with museums of Art, History, Science, and Music. Planning ahead can make all the difference when it comes to bringing paper and crayons (check with museums first).

5. Going to the amusement park is a great way to spend a day or a couple of days riding the rides and seeing the sites. Some have camping on site and others have discounted rates for booking in advance. So call ahead and get price rates.

Vacations can be a little cheaper if you plan ahead and they can be more fun if you get the entire family involved in the planning! I'm doing that with mine as we map out what all we will do and it's sure to be a great time as long as the weather cooperates but then we will be making a contingency plan too!

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