Maintaining Relationships

Maintain Relationships After Grown Up Siblings
Maybe you fought like cats and dogs when you were little and now you still don’t see eye to eye on some things. If the fighting becomes more serious you need to think of a way to maintain your relationship with your siblings.

When you were little you and your siblings always fought. You played for a little while and then you fought. The good thing about fighting when you were little is that the anger didn’t last long and you would be playing together in no time. As you got older you may have noticed that it took longer to make up but you always seemed to work it out. Now that you are adults, it is totally different. Now you fight and you don’t make up sometimes for months. So how can you build a better relationship with your siblings as adults?

First of all, you are not fighting over toys anymore. You are fighting over real life problems. Maybe you disagree about your parents, raising children, work, or maybe your spouses do not get along and that causes tension in your family. But no matter what causes the problem you need to work it out. Siblings are your family and family fights but they always find a way to settle their differences. You want and need your family for support through the bad times and to share in the good times.

When you fight with your sibling you can settle the argument in several different ways:

change the subject
state the fact that you just agree that you disagree
Be the better person and say “Because of the difference of opinion let’s just drop the subject”.
Always through in there “I love you” This will make them smile, no matter how angry they may be.
It’s not always easy to end an argument on a good note when you are an adult. So it may be wise to avoid talking about things that you know they disagree on. This is one sure way to prevent an argument from starting. But if an argument can not be avoided you will need to find a way that you can settle your differences.

Remember that family is always there when you need them. You don’t want to be alone during the worst or best time of your life. You share the same parents so it is just natural that your paths through life should be shared as well. You are not going to be able to settle every argument between you. That is why it’s important to take the first step in making peace between you.

Siblings are like anyone else, you don’t need to get along all the time. Arguing is normal, as long as it doesn’t get out of hand. Keep in mind that punches hurt worse when you are older and they don’t settle anything. So live, laugh and love no matter what.

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