Refresh Everything that makes Us Sustain Life

What would you do if you had 250,000 to spend to make a difference in Eco? Well, I was talking to a friend while she explained how this contest was going on. While the details were explained to me it got me thinking what would I do to make a refresh everything in our world? Well, for starters I would educate people on how to use the skills they have to make money. EchoingGreenMusic Cool background music

With the workshop as a starting point, personalize their business that would help the neighbor hood. Supporting the needs of the local area for services or products that the attendee's would offer. Keeping travel down to a minimum for employment that would help with fuel and pollution. Each person holds a great asset and with some education on how to put the skills acquired from either home or a job these people could bring in cash.

Bringing in cash would enable families to get more of what they need or want. Such as better food; healthy eating enables for the body, mind and emotions to work more efficiently. Hold workshops for parents to make better meals called Brain Food. With people having more productivity, self esteem the mind set indiviuals can deal in harmony with less stress, results in less health problems through out the community. Families could once again afford to go out and enjoy activities such as exercise, sports and recreational functions.

For the families who may have bigger problems and can't afford to pay for their house I would market to them and offer a free, information site so, residents could learn of their other options and their rights as home owners. Other wise make an offer with no obligation to do a short sale for them with no charge. I would also offer this to local attorneys, lenders to get involved benefit if it was a win, win situation for all involved. I would save them just as I did when I was a life guard and teach them how to avoid this dilemma. As an added bonus teach about eco green paints & other materials that would cut down costs of a home..

Offer classes on how to get out of debt and stay out of it with out going without all those things we feel that we need. I would also, talk with some of my mentors on how I could offer my services for the area.

I would also, like to get school districts involved and sign the petition for making our schools more eco friendly so, that our children, their health, and use less energy and cost less to run. With every thing that teachers could impliment in their class rooms this would be a profitable and motivating plan to supplement the current situation of many people. This plan would eventually branch out to the neighboring areas for further development.

Continue my research, and develop and implement stagiest for the betterment of man kind. We could also, raise money for our local groups (boy scouts, girl scouts, high school students and nursing home patrons) to get active in global awareness making reusable bags for shopping, planting trees, green friendly; cleaners, plant foods & weed killers. Hold a picnic at the local pool for those that contribute their efforts.

Use some of the funds made by the participants to plant new tree saplings in areas where mining or timbering has made huge impacts on our environment of our local areas. This would be within government regulations and the company's acceptance. This would be a great teaching tool as for children often learn through modeling.

Pepsi refresh project is having a contest starting January 13 at 12:00am for the first 1,000 entries will be eligible for a vote. If you like these ideas vote or if you have your own enter.

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