Why I need a bedroom makeover....

How many times I have thought of making my room into something special for me. Actually, my son is expressing a need to change his room with pictures of friends. He has an interest in photography and has been building his portfolio. He started out with nature and has diversified to objects, people and places. It would be fun to make custom bedding for him from one of his photos. This is one of my favorite photos that he has taken.

The spread would personalize the room, but I would add the wall mural, like the one above from vision's collection, a few photo pillows and a couple of wall stickers to make his bedroom a workshop. Here is his present bedroom. He wouldn't let his school teacher see his room like this I can imagine what he say if he knew.

These products are from You can use a picture from their gallery to make your bedding, custom pillows, blankets, throws, wall art, posters, wall murals, photo fabric, wall stickers, kids bedding, baby bedding and more! Take a look at my favorite design from their collection. Very Cool!

The best part is they are having a contest right now. The contest is running until Christmas and you can blog about why you need a bedroom makeover and win a bedroom makeover from

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