What was the most surprising gift you've ever received?

Thinking back to what was the most surprising gift I have ever received would be tough. Thanks to Twittermoms and Target, I have a chance to reflect on the answer to this one. I have been remembering many things from the past but, one was amazing. My little brother was born and he really was a gift from God. See I had given my dad the mumps and that had made him sterile. So, he really was a surprise we received. But, that's not all he went over seas and we did not hear from him because of a black out. Some time after that we received a call that he was coming home. He could not say when or why just wait. Weeks went by no word then on Christmas I tried his cell phone and he answered it. I was SO happy that my baby brother was home at last. Thank God for that.

I could also think of many other surprising gifts like the first Christmas with my son and the biggest tree I could buy. It barley fit it the hallway so, I had put it against the stairwell. There the ceiling was over 100 ft. My son's eye's were full of aw and you could tell he was so excited his little feet keep moving about.

A few years after that, I had my mother down for a week stay. Our town had only forty houses or so, when it snowed it basically shut down the town. I remember my mother waking up in the morning and looking out at the white covered valley in peace. I was so, happy she was able to see what I had fallen in love with. Since, then I have bought more pillows for the rest of family.

Having so many people share their homes and family with us since we were so far away from home. To buying gifts and baking cookies and making good memories with us I am so grateful for all the love received these years.

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