Deflation of the Education

This weekend, the Empire State Building was lit in Cambridge blue in recognition of the 800th Anniversary.

We mortgage our house to get our kids in the best schools. Truth is that the very best schools and their higher costs don't tend to pay off. Education costs are getting so high that it is hard to justify them in the long run. It may be better to just put the costs of private college into a long-term investment fund for your kids. They could be millionaires by the peak of their careers just on the investment fund doubling every ten years.

Education can be delivered at a lower costs through a combination of online programs, in-classroom programs, and interships with companies.
Why do we need sprawling campuses with elaborate landscaping, buildings, libraries, etc.., in an Internet world? Why should students be restricted to teachers and experts in a local area when they can have video and interactive feedback from around the world from the best experts, peers, and blogs?

Since the dramatic decline in our economy and the combination of a decline in enrollments from job losses. It is likely that this may create an actual fall in higher education costs, or at a minimum, slower rate of increase.

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