The Risk Factor

Understanding the risk factor entails research / due diligence in finding the variables. It's the unasked questions or the assumptions that create the greatest problems. Risk is only your failure to educate yourself around an opportunity. If you don't understand something don't buy it. It takes only one risk factor to cause a particle or total loss.

* Taking the present financial status and deciding if having substantial cash is good for the business or is it a sign of disaster.
* Future plans in development should also be considered. Educated yourself around an opportunity.
* Vocabulary is surrounding the risk conversation.

Each situation is different some may find that breaking even is not making your money work. Due diligence is so important to your decision making. Find experience people in your niche to get training, advice or involvement. Success comes with a team of people working together for a common goal.

In an earlier blog I posted about negotiations and taking risks.
Overview: Willingness to take risks; reasonable risks based on reliable information. Plan of Action histrionics's - emotions
comfortable risk?

Solve problems (emotional leave out)

Willingness to walk away; be able to say NO, always be able to walk, no less than satisfactory deal, recognize your options so you don't cave in.

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