Fat Belly Solutions

After finding out my son has high blood sugar I went looking for a better diet. While doing so, I learned that many foods that make high blood sugar also, make fat. My son has gained some pounds and is very hungry sometimes. While learning this I want to take a moment to share with you some tips. Here's what I use for an exercise and diet regime. Click Here!

Sugar = Enemy

• Juices
• Wheat breads, noodles
• Dressings
• Artificial sweeteners
• High fructose
• Corn syrup
• Hydrogenated oils
• Processed soy products – ex. Yogurt
These are bad for your liver too


• Sprouted brain bread
• Rice
• Spelt
• Millet
• Quinoa
• Sweet potato
• ALL fruits & Veggies

FAT baD vs GOOD fat

• Hydro Oils
• Canola
• Margarine
• Substitute Butter
• Processed foods

Things you must eat to lose fat:
• Real butter
• Whole eggs
• Bacon
• Coconut oil
• Trail mix
• Olive Oil
• Avocados
• Real Nuts
• Steak

Click Here for Video
Most people do not eat right and are not getting enough of the right foods

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