10 tips for making this the ultimate holiday season

This is the season of making the holiday season special under all circumstances to be the ultimate holiday for every one. So with Twittermoms and Hasbro I have the opportunity in sharing some of my tips

1. Decorating trees this has a lot of meaning in our house to the holiday season as we try to go all out with decorations each year without breaking the bank. Each tree has a theme and it’s never in the same place or the same theme. This keeps it special for each year.
2. Cards using fotobabble to make talking photos come to life. With this free and fun way of sending a card to each and everyone without the stamps, paper cuts and stuffing all the envelopes. I love this site for making it easy to give everyone the very best and a great shoot of us.
3. Decorating cookies has been a tradition for many years and this year it will be even bigger. We have been invited to join in efforts in making cookies with friends. One day only and making enough for everyone will be a blast this year.
4. Outings taking time to enjoy the season and entertainment is a great way to go out and be without the kids. Going out with friends for a night out was such a great breather. Try going to see Bryan Adams and make it an elegant night what a fun it was to let my hair down.
5. Slowing down spending time with family before the big day is essential for everyone. This makes little visits just as fun while serving up some holiday cake. Try making some chocolate cake with candy cains crushed and sprinkle on top.
6. Shopping online is great way to buy things. What to give someone can be difficult so, plan on taking them to the store and watching what catches their eye. This is a sure way of getting them something they’ll like. Buying games; TRANSFORMERS, LITTLEST PET SHOP, NERF, PLAYSKOOL, MY LITTLE PONY, G.I. JOE, MAGIC: THE GATHERING and MONOPOLY Hasbro has a great selection and saved me time and money.
7. Pot luck is a nice way to have dinner on Christmas this way no one gets the big meal all on their lap and can enjoy some of the holiday too. Many times this is a way to bring in a new recipe and have everyone sample it. We usually just bring in a bunch of fun foods and have the basic dinner later on Christmas Eve.


8. Kid’s entertainment has to be on a budget for me, while presents are just for Christmas there’s still the rest of their vacation. So, I like to plan a few trips to local ski lodges and spend the day out of the house. Some even have pools where the kids can swim all day while parents rest and observe. Indoor games are the best to spend while kids are at home. Hasbro has a great line to pick from.
9. Volunteer is a great way of giving back to others. This year my son and I are story readers and elves for our local town. This will be a great experience for not only him but me as well.
10. Turn off all technology for a few days and spend time with the ones you love. Taking time to sing some of our favorite songs while driving down snow covered county roads is my favorite. I love the snow and singing is just a nice expression under the moonlight mountains.

I hope I have inspired you in some small way or giving you and idea or two on making this holiday the ultimate gift giving this holiday.

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