Ten Tips for Ensuring a Healthy, Safe and Successful School Year

Back to school is a great time for shoping for new cloths, decorating the bed room or just getting back to a full days work. I have noticed my son growing up but, in ways he still wants me to take care of many things for him. I try to prepair him for the school year the best I can. Here are some things that I do.

• Eat a balanced diet try foods that are good for the brain as well as emotional balance. Kids go though a lot at school and home having the body working at its full potential gives them a great chance at doing their best.
• Drinking plenty of clean water / Alkaline Water is a sure way to getting all the toxins out of the body. Toxins make us slow down, get sick, and over all not working at our best with concentration and memory. Getting a Kagen water system in my opinion is the best.
• Exercise daily by; walking to school, or the dog, or riding a bike. Exercise helps eliminate wastes out of the body to keep healthy and strong.
• Teach your kids how to get out of situations; for example smoking pure pressure telling friends that they just remember they have some when else to be and have to go. Set up a password too. Like how’s Lady our cat. Then you’ll know they want to get out of something.
• Teaching your kids how to negotiate will help them handle situations themselves. There are games out and online programs that take kids though situations and have them choose a reaction and they get an out come for their choices. Great tool for kids.
• Use the buddy system while out, locking the doors while at home and always let parents know where you are. Getting a tracking system on your phone is a great tool by your mobile phone company and is very cheap. Ask your provider.
• To have a success full year at school make sure you provide a good atmosphere at home, neighborhood, school, stores so, that kids can stop by and talk.
• Getting to know their names and providing a place where they can talk. Listening and slowing down their fast place life’s gives them time, to think, talk to others, and to get support from piers.
• Also, giving our kids some purpose to their life makes them have self worth and a higher self esteem. Lets be our kids hero’s.
• Having 15 mins to get to the next class gives kids time to make community at school. Having 1 hour classes makes up for the time lost during the day. Ask your school board if something like this can be done.

The purpose of this post is not only to enter the TwitterMoms and Airwear's contest in winning possible prizes (you can find out more here) but also to raise awareness about a topic that is personal to me. I worked with many kids and to have them achieve a good understanding of what they are learning is essential to functioning in society. I was not tested but I did not need glasses then as I do now. I know how important early, accurate testing is to ensure a child is not missing out because he/she cannot see properly.

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