Celebrate the Things in Your Life that Are Better Than Ever

What in your life is better than ever? What an ironic post to include from TwitterMoms and Dove gofresh! How are you better than ever is the recent contest that I couldn't resist as there are so many facets to that question. I can think of many ways that I'm better and can contribute it to experience.

1. I am better today at being more aware of how I speak and treat others the way they want to be treated than in more recent years past. I still catch myself and do make corrections as needed.
2. I am better today for the education that I have acquired for the betterment of my family. For that I am eternally grateful for asking for wisdom, knowledge and understanding with out them I would not have past this way.
3. I am better today also for the experiences that I utilize my life's problems and achievements to share with others. For the ups and downs in life teach us the lessons we learn through perseverance. I've learned to over come many obstacles and seen some of my best work because of these trails I've endured. We only become better by sharing our very best when all else fails.
4. I also am better by the opportunities in helping others over come things in life. I do not volunteer as much as I use to but, now I have workshops that I ask donations for the education I give. For by others do we have a chance to grow and enhance our own life's by the presents of others.
5. Lastly, I am better today by the care I give myself my body as a whole; I cleanse internally and use good products for my body, my mind; I read many books and put these books into practical use in my life and my spirit; I study the Bible and use subliminal messages to improve my thinking, body, and attitude towards further development in life. My photos show how little changes make a difference I take very good care myself. For I do what is needed to be able to live for as long as the good Lord will have me. I would like to see my family grow and to experience life as it is meant to be.


I'm sure there are many, many more ways that I am better now than I have ever been. How about you? Join in the discussion back at TwitterMoms here. You can also participate in a fun photo contest! Dove® gofresh™ is also sponsoring a Facebook photo contest!

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