Glue Dots-Summer Bonding Project

TwitterMoms and Glue Dots® Adhesives have teamed up to bring you a fun and creative Summer Bonding Project! If you use and love Glue Dots or are trying them for the first time, we ask that you share your favorite uses or projects by blogging about your experiences. School is out, and now's the time to get creative and work on some fun DIY projects, entertaining, decorating, crafting and arts...on your own or with the kids!

Making pop books is a breeze with Glue Dots there's no mess and if you want you can add lots of ribbon, buttons, pip cleaner, and cool stuff just peel and paste it some where else. My kid just loves making things and has the imagination to go along with it.
Hanging posters is really nice now I don't have to watch out for the thumb tacks that got drop ed on the floor from the last poster. Glue Dots makes it safe for a tack less home (pun intended)
So far the uses I've found for this are making a wreath, decoration my jars, making a chalk board. Glue Dots is far easier, faster and less mess than the glue gun. This way my kid can help more with the project and not get burned.

One project I would love to do is scrap book for all my photos cards etc...I have saved this stuff in hopes of getting a chance to put this all together and cut cards up to add to a wonderful collection of memories. Glue Dots will make this project allot easier than with traditional glues. I'll post this when it is finished.

What Are Glue Dots®?

Glue Dots Adhesives are a safer, easier, mess-free alternative to typical tapes and glue guns. Glue Dots provide the strength you need in an adhesive without the mess and dry time required of liquid glues. Glue Dots bond instantly to a wide variety of surfaces including: Paper/photos, Metal, Wood, Plastic, Textiles/Fibers, Plastic, Foam, and more! Find Glue Dots at a retailer near you or online today!

**Note: Glue Dots are Acid Free and Non-Toxic.
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