Hidden Treasures

These days it pays to be a bargain hunter. what's even more rewarding is finding those hidden treasure that other people consider trash-for free! This is a great way to find those things that will give you some unique charter finds that is a one of a kind. Home made items such as jewelry, clay pottery, models, statues, windows, frames, etc...

Make a day of this with a friend, family or kids just go out into the rural roads (take a map) GPS doesn't always have all the directions and phones (mobile) don't always get service. Pack some fruit that's in season as well as some sun tea and lemonade. Wraps are a quick and light lunch for hot day or a meat loaf sandwich for cooler days.

Here's some ideas;

Mail box If your mail box can hardly hold the letters anymore, turn it on its side and transform it into a planter for flowers. Remember to include drainage holes, and plant it with your favorite spring bulbs or another colorful container combination.

Garden goddesses Think your garden deserves a trophy? Even if your garden hasn't won any awards, adorn it with some rescued trophy tops displayed in a flower bed. Attach rusted metal ashes, a garden hose nozzle or other odds and ends, and your trophies become quirky garden statues.

Barn-wood bench. Looking for a unique gar en bench to use as a focal point? Look no further that an old set of metal furniture. Weathered piece of wood placed on three chairs makes a statement against a fence, shed or house.

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