Personality Plus

Realizing our strengths and weaknesses is the mature thing to do. But, for those who do not and stay (young)immature are missing out on the best part of life. Knowledge is power and getting to know your self and understand others is by far much better than just putting up with say your boss/co-worker.

People get along very well when we look at the good things about each other but, when we start to notice the less appealing parts of their personality trouble starts.

A boss is very bossy and impatient he usually makes people feel very stressed and the reaction is they work harder. That's good right? A co-worker talks way too much and is not organized. The life of the party Right?
Both parties need to work on their personalities to become easier to get along with. The boss works on giving people space and listens more. The co-worker finds out that the world still functions without constant talking and gets organized.

Florence Littauer has written a great book that I recommend reading.

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