Stragic Levels

Taken extreme attempts and demands take to strategic levels. No available option but, dealing with them.
Ed Burno

•What is the primary obstacle?
•Negotiation consciousness; be alert have the mind set, be assertive and persistent.
•Listening; find out what the other persons needs are, your own strengths, be the person who wants to help, find out if other person is positive. Make sure needs are meet.
•Ability to ask good questions; what is driving the others side?
•High aspirations; some people sell the price be the person who sells the (value) of the product.
•Patience; Who is more patient is in the drivers seat. The one who slows down makes fewer mistakes.
•Flexibility; assumptions=wrong Make assumptions but, change with the circumstance.

Focus satisfaction; A firm belief of a win-win situation. How can I help other side feel satisfied.

Willingness to take risks; reasonable risks based on reliable information. Plan of Action histrionics's - emotions
comfortable risk?

Solve problems (emotional leave out)

Willingness to walk away; be able to say NO, always be able to walk, no less than satisfactory deal, recognize your options so you don't cave in.

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