Debt Relief: Cut up the credit cards

Cut up your credit cards and start paying with cash it's debt relief. Staying out of debt by shopping for sales. Work with a budget and stick to it. There are ways to show you care without going into debt.

Congress did not pass the bill of a 15% interest rate. Although, just having this suggested is enough to understand that some solution is going to arise. Creditors have debtors as slaves is a understatement.

The credit card has been around since 1951 by a gentleman who went out to dinner and forgot his wallet. So, he introduced the first credit card "The dinner card.

Less than a decade ago people were celebrating holidays buy protesting and having people on the streets just cutting up their credit cards for debt relief.
The phase "dirty money" shouldn't be uttered instead:
"It's paid for"

Debt Relief help the deficit one payment at a time.
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