1 Plan of Action to Bankruptcy-Save Your Home

A bankruptcy attorney might be able to refer you to someone helping you get your house removed from the bankruptcy case. Attorneys have their regimes and to work with them you need to inquire about options.
If you could sell your house and pay your lender off wouldn't you?

Weather you’re filling or thinking about filling

Chapter 7 Liquidation

Chapter 13 payments 5 years

Chapter 11 million dollar homes

Consider other options.
Do you know what to say to your attorney on how to get a trustee to abandon the property?

•Do you want to check with the bank to see if you can file for a relief of stay?

•Do you know how to get a homestead exemption?

•Do you know how to repurchase equity from trustee?

If, you’re looking to save your home and want your credit saved then get some professional help. There are many organizations out there that are knowledgeable and helpful. A bankruptcy takes years to recover, foreclosure takes years to recover. Find a better solution make a plan and plan to succeed.

There's allot of fees when a house goes into a bankruptcy. The bank really doesn't want your house back so, if there's an option out there that could pay your bill and save your home would you want to know about it?

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