Have your own library; not books anymore

Would you like to have access to all the movies, music at your finger tips. All you need is Internet and a computer. In today's society many more people are converting from movies rentals to downloading. It's fast and easy even for the computer dummy. Hooked on Films works any where in the world and has an incredible fast download speed.

If you're into paying the high dollar for the status quo, you mi's well stop here.

If you want to stop paying for your cable every month and get a library of your own and save money. Estimate how the average cable bill is per month 59.95 and you watch 30-80 movies a month. OK sounds good so you bought it. Now think after say 5 months you've seen everything there is to see and there's only a few movies coming up that you want to see. Still 59.95 a month but, you say I would like to see sit comes and the news. So, it's still worth 59.95. Well good news and bad news. Good NeWS first; Sit comes are also on Hooked on Films. Bad NeWS; the news isn't. Alternative: radio has free news reports.

So, I ask you are you paying for storage of the Cable companies library? Putting money in their pockets. I know in the past I've looked at my cable bill and said that's 1,500 dollars out the door. This was back 17 years ago and I haven't looked back once.


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