Baby sitter at the computer: Cyber Tattle Tale

My girl friend had her son taken, he is sixteen and while on the Internet he visited some sites. His mother had gone to a meeting and while she was there he had free reign. Now he's the type of boy who is a good jock and wants to be a police officer when he grows-up. While his step mother's family is very involved in church and has a lucrative business. In the mean time he's like many kids he has temptation. Kids sometimes make bad choices. Her son had visited some pron sites and was exposed to well lets say: child abuse. By law children are not permitted to be exposed to nudity, sexual behavior material. She decided to use her password access on the computer. She also told his step mother of his actions. The step mother had in turn prohibited her son to visit. If there was a way to have prevented her son from visiting these sites she would still be able to visit with her son. With Cyb er Tattle Tale she could have let her son on the Internet while prohibiting sites that were unwanted. There are many victims of scams, giving information out, and possible access by unsuspecting children that have no idea of the consequences. Cyb er Bullies have an impact on the psychological impact on children.Why take any chances when you can protect your kids instead. God is watching all the little children: see, hear, say, do, and where kids go. Kids are our greatest asset protect yours so, they can explore the Internet safely. Sure your computer comes with some safety features but, not their chat rooms, keystrokes, most have history and parent control. Some downloads are priced $47.00 or others are free with upgrades they'll cost you later. Cyb er Tattle tale is yours for less than $20 and you get chat rooms conversations, key stroke, parent control, history and alarm. If kids have the equipment on the computer as a parent, you can help them avoid you not being involed no more generation gap. Parents will be able to prevent kids from visiting sites, where kids go on the Internet and what children are exposed too, you can also check in their chat rooms and pick up your next topic of discussion with your teen. Prevent kids from being threatened, and what information is sent out. You have a choice. What could be better than you standing over they're shoulder than a Cyb er Tattle Tale? This is the time to get your computer a Tattle Tale, school is just around the corner so be sure to be involved in all they do.

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