Change Up Goals

Every year I try to make a list of things I want to accomplish.  This is the first year I will make a list of things I want.  Most recently listening to a LiveOutLoud tape on Ustream I found a new twist on things; pay bills off, marketing to a niche, figure what my net worth is, etc...

#30 Things I want this year (overlay #8 areas' of life)

  1. Health
  2. Friends & Fun
  3. Family
  4. Relationship
  5. Physical improvement (environment; clean desk, files, clutter)
  6. Money
  7. Business/Personal development
  8. Spiritual growth
If you had goals last year and you never accomplished one of them just change up goals.  eg.  loose weight - do 15 jumping jacks a day.  Then it's a new goal/want.  Try this on your own and don't take all day doing it. In the next 2 hours get it done and post me a note that you made a list.  
You will always get the same result if you do the same thing.  So, change up goals and succeed.

  1. workout on scheduled
  2. loose 20 lbs
  3. bring fat count down 18%
  4. workout on pole 20 min everyday 
  5. foods that fuel, portions smaller ; Shakeology
  6. connect w/ people online & off
  7. put cost of my services
  8. really listen w/ empathy
  9. family-life lessons & money magnet
  10. Ask God for; discretion is: discernment & balance between knowledge-common sense, insight-discernment
  11. Clean clutter; desk, organize, & downsize
  12. Save $20 put in envelope
  13. Downsize bills; house hold
  14. Sell patients
  15. get back into Investor RE
  16. Workshop host
  17. Go Disney World
  18. Zip-line &Beach
  19. Science Centre
  20. Cedar Point
  21. Rock & Roll hall of fame/ Regee concert
  22. Study religious health book
  23. read bible every day
  24. Sell, sell, sell everyday
  25. blogs; write & renew old topic every Monday #3
  26. continue to follow Wally B. and read more of his book list
  27. Put self first
  28. Negotiate everything till win, win situation is achieved
  29. document & work Supervisory skills and work on them daily
  30. resist pride and sexual immorality. Date men, find a suitable mate.

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