Things We Should Say, But Don't

by Jeff Dowler

It occurred to me, upon reflecting on some recent experiences, that there are probably things we should say, but we don't. And not just in business.

For example:


This is a big one. Whether we are fearful of annoying someone, want to please them, or just don't have it in our gut to say it out loud, sometimes you should say NO. It might be a very difficult buyer, a challenging agent, a listing that you know cannot sell at the price the sellers need, an unreasonable or inappropate request from someone, but there are times we probably should say no. I'm preaching to myself here. There are nice ways to say no. But the direct approach is sometimes called for. But there are many variations: I can't do that; I am unable to; That doesn't work for me. You get the idea.

"I'm sorry," or "I Apologize."

Not always easy to say, but no doubt we have all done things we didn't mean to do, or hurt someone in some way, or uttered something we regret, or didn't follow-through on a task we told our clients we would, or forget to tell a buyer or seller something we should have. Letting someone know you're sorry is also a way to empathize with someone who is suffering, feeling down, or in a tough situation.

"Thank you."

I'd say those are 2 of the most powerful and meaningful words we can utter, and there are lots of opportunities to do so. So often we don't say so when we could...or really should. I suspect most people will appreciate being told this. Even for the little things.

From a more real estate business related perspective, "I'm not an attorney," "I'm not an accountant or tax professional," or "I'm not an inspector," could probably be stated more often than we do. While we know this, there may be a tendency to overstep our professional boundaries and make statements or give advice to clients when their best interests are met by consulting someone who really knows.

Any thoughts?

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