ten tips for new moms who are bringing a baby home

While it has been some years since I came home with my new baby. I have learned some easy but, necessary ways to make this transition as smooth as possible. With Twittermoms and Lysol I can give these tips to help ensure an easy but, informative way to make your trip home from the hospital.
1. Sending home all flowers, gifts and cards the night before you leave will make the trip home easier with less to take home. While packing have someone write out thank you cards as well and send them signed then they will be received in a timely manner.
2. Have the home in which you will be returning to up to 72 degrees. The home will be the same temperature as the hospital and after you get home you can turn it down a little bit each day back to the home regular temperature. This will ensure that you will be comfortable and so, will your baby.
3. Having the baby's room disinfected before arrival will ensure healthy and safety. Soaps with no perfumes for washing all babies items. Remember some cleaners will be unsafe with the fumes so, please read labels. Remind all who want to handle new born to wash hands every time they want to hold baby. Keeping pet away from baby and room is an absolute for health safety of germs and possible other hazards.
4. Having a nice outfit for you and your new baby you will want something that fits loosely and that you can get your babies first photo in. So if you don’t know what your having just have someone pick one up the day after delivery. With today’s mobile phones this is easy to find something and then check it by phone.
5. If you’re unfamiliar with car seats you or someone will need to read the installation of the car seat and proper way of buckling the infant into the seat. No one leaves the hospital without one so, if getting a seat is a problem just ask. There are many programs out there that will assist it getting a proper seat.

6. Having formula, bottles, bags or breast pump home and ready for you will help keep your new baby comfortable. Having been a breast feeder this was great for going back to work or when I just had a sitter. If you’re an Eco friendly person such as am I. I used a home made cloth for laying down my baby for changing. Using baby wash cloths are so much easier and clean bottoms better with baby soap. For going out the occasional wipes are just fine for such tips as the mall. I usually pack a small can of Lysol to spray area then lay cloth down for warmth.
7. Getting out of the house. A definite thing this must be done either in the winter or summer. Going for a walk with a stroller is really very enjoyable and good for you and your new baby. Winters just go to the mall get a stroller most places have them for free or a small fee with drivers licenses. Also, check when mom’s movie day is playing that's when new moms get out for a super savings day out.
8. A must have is a good monitor. There is just no other way of knowing what’s going on in that little room. Baby can nap while you visit on the porch or next door. Just check the reception first when they wake you’ll want to be close by.
9. Having a body hugger is a genital way to keep baby in the same position as they were in your womb. Also, this is a great way to carry your baby. As your baby grows there's halters that put your baby in front of you while shopping, mopping or just going for a walk. As baby grows other models that the baby sits on your back very cool for hiking. I used to take mine hiking lots of times we love the outdoors.
10. Get the education going this is a critical for brain development as many mothers know relearning your nursery rhymes, getting some soft music to play for bed time. Having a boppie and a short video of learning language, arts, shapes, numbers and etc. Make sure you’re very expressive in facial features and tones in your voice to show expressiveness to your little one. You’re their role model and their first teacher.

While these are many of the tips I used with my little one there’s only two things I wished I had done in addition and those are teach my little on baby sign language. The other is giving him muzzy for multiple language development. One other important consideration is Co-Sleeping the advantages and disadvantages. Two truly great gifts to a child for development in communications and understanding.

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