Top Ten Tips for Creating a Distraction Free Vacation

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Since it's been years of taking the family on a vacation to PA & NY. We have the surroundings of a very beautiful area to call home and enjoy the outdoors every day. The foothills and the forests are abundant with old canal river passageways still in tack. Every day is an adventure of discovery and exploration.

As a kid growing up my family always took vacations across the USA with relatives it was the American dream. Resources are available if you just know where to look and make the most out of your summer. Here are some ideas and tips to making a summer vacation:

1. Joining the local chamber of commence is a good place to start, many offers of out door activities and social events.
2. National Parks are also very active with all types of events and activities for the season. Classes on trapping, to bird watching and history of events and development such as dams and century homes.
3. Camp sites are a great treat for everyone to get away and leave the cell phones in the car. If someone has to work then allow some usage so, as they don't feel uncomfortable that they have to hind and sneak.

4. Horse back riding at a local ranch gives the family a chance to experience how travel use to be. The experience of horse back riding is getting away from the daily routine. Looking over the valleys and the foothills is quite different than just driving down the road. Check for availability and prices.
5. Cannoning for the day on a 6 mile trip. Pack a lunch, poles, and just enjoy getting away from everything and work together. Looking at the world from this view is very different than on land. This trip took my son and I 4/5 hours to complete.

6. Going strawberry picking, apple picking in the fall, and going to a pumpkin patch all day is also a great way to enjoy each other. Pack a good season lunch to the type of weather and bring a camera. Let the kids explore taking photo's getting their point of view on film. Canning is one way of spending time together.
7. Museums are a place of discovery and reflection. While sharing what you learned and if they're kid friendly you can draw while you're there. This makes for some great discussions along the way. Check before going to find out regulations.
8. Camping in the backyard is just as good as paying to go to a campsite. Going for a long walk through the river banks and sitting till dusk. Make a glowing fire and cook a chicken in a cast iron pot, sun tea and a salad outside have everything you would bring camping. Tell stories till late and wake with the sounds of nature.
9. Star gazing with a telescope is great out of town experience. The stars seem so much bigger and brighter. Watch for updates on the consolations and make a date of it. Bring some paper and draw out the stars like the big dipper. For little one's lay down outside and watch the clouds then make animals on paper with cotton from the ones you find.
10. Pack a lunch for all day and a favorite story and read aloud while in the wilderness. Sometimes we even bring our paint and paper to just draw what we see. Makes for a nice day.

While going anywhere always be ready to stop at that unexpected place along the way. There's just some much to see and enjoy don't just pass it up you might never get the chance again. Enjoy your summer and remember their still having first make them memorable.

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