Conquering: Emotions, Addictions

01 Better performance in sports Subliminal CD #410
02 Increased Assertiveness Subliminal CD #110
03 Improved memory Subliminal CD #320
04 Slimming Sensibly Subliminal CD #380
05 Positive expectations Subliminal CD #240
06 Stopping procrastination Subliminal CD #190
07 Concentration Subliminal CD #130
08 Alcohol addiction Subliminal CD #100
09 Enhanced Self-esteem Subliminal CD #220
10 Baby's Vacuum Cleaner CD #514

Life's is busy, busy, busy. So what little time you can get to improve yourself is priceless. Subliminal Cd's are easy to use in your car or at home. While you reprogram your mind with these Cd's you'll be able to change your behavior. You chose what type of behavior you want.

The subliminal message is hidden behind the sounds, only your conscious mind will hear a whisper of a voice. The sounds of the ocean and nature sounds, No music. The subliminal message your subconscious will hear clearly and respond.

These Cd's offer to promote relaxation and calmness thought the use of nature such as: forest, ocean, desert, waterfalls, mountain streams, rain and thunderstorms
No music.

At a time in my life I found a great use for similar tape's back in the late 80's A time when I needed some self-esteem and calmness we're my choice. I found these to improve my behavior. A group of friends would come over and we would light a candle and listen. We all enjoyed this, sometimes I feel that to much talk from counselors just isn't the answer so, this is a great alternative.

What am I doing...
Prayer isn't asking for what I want. It's asking to be changed in ways we can't imagine-Kathleen Norris

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