Stop Acting Rich...

Stop acting rich...and start living like a real millionaire. Have you ever wondered how some neighbors just are always living life to it's fullest. While others are just barley getting by with their expensive cloths, cars, homes, wine, and watches.

Well, I've just read another book by Thomas J. Stanley and inside is a full account of how some people are fugal in their living while others are just living a rich life. Have you ever heard to the phase "Big hat no cattle" in a description some people believe that if they buy expensive items that will get them into the upper class of society. They will be privileged and will attract others to notice them for their success.

Successful people are generally big budget people they take time to watch their every dollar and spend time learning how to invest their money. While buying practical living items that give them quality yet, cost efficient too. Why do, people try to buy their way into wealth?

Our fanisties are never going to equal our reality. Education and experience is how millionare got to be who they are. I recommend reading this book I am not affilated with Mr. Stanley or does he pay me.

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