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Twitter is a great place to meet and make new friends. Get great information on many topics from a variety of sources. Mr. Comm has included some of his own sites to ensure you get a clear understanding of the benefits of twitter.

I have been looking for other ways to get my marketing underway without spending a lot of money. Well, I've found something that is up to just plain good stuff. The power of twitter is one great book. For those of you looking to expand on the Internet or just keeping up with technology Joel Comm has written a great book. With lots of good sound advice on twittering. He's included in his book a great resource of inside sites that will help with any possible ways of getting good/great accessories for this site. If you haven't yet experienced the little blue bird or you barely know the possibilities that you could do with this site get the book. Joel has written this so that even the average Joe could understand and use this book to a great advantage.

Thanks Joel Comm for writing this book it really puts twitter power on the charts.

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