Created You to Be

Diana Hagee book establishes self-esteem, sharing faith and setting goals. As well as enjoying intimacy. In her book she has profoundly demonstrated how precious we are to God. To think of ourselves as God would intend us to think. This is a must read not only for young girls, but as well as married or widowed.

The book as includes a workbook feature to learn more of our purpose in life and how to carry threw our daily life's as one of The King's Daughter's. Diana's book was so moving that she has also included in her book of how she and many others came together to have a study group biased on the book of Ester.

Each chapter has a very positive effect on the growth of a woman. After each week of reading a chapter and working on the new habits of thought, actions that are suggested there's great progress.

The end result is that Becoming the Woman God Created You to Be

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